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Submission Deadline: 30. September 2020

Dance On Screen is the first videodance festival in Austria, initiated and organized by Valentina Moar. It is an international dance film festival and includes a range of short films, that celebrate the immediacy of dance combined with the intimacy of the camera's eyes: short films, shown through movement. In videodance, choreography is generated by filmed movements, but also by the movement of the camera and the cutting as well as the rhythm of the images and the colors or landscapes.

Dance On Screen wants to show this variety, looking for short dance films that manifest their own artistic aesthetics. The festival aims at the creation of a space that raises public awareness and at the same time focuses on creation and research. The Dance On Screen Festival 2020 will take place in Graz (Austria) in November 2020. The call is open to national and international filmmakers, dance companies and collectives.

Information on registration, submission, selection and the Dance On Screen Tour 2020/21:

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